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Like the majority of modern websites, this website, Splat In Your Face, (referred to as the “Site”), uses “cookies” technology to gather info about its use by Users. The main goal of it is to provide Users with best experience, to differentiate Users, and to further improve the Site and the services it offers and might offer in the future. So, when you visit our Site, cookies or/and similar technologies will be downloaded onto your computer, mobile device, etc.

1. What are “COOKIES”?

A “cookie” is a small text file that is stored on the device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a website or use an application. Cookies are sent back and forth from your device and to the website every time you visit it in order to recognize User’s device by the website.

Some cookies (session cookies) delete themselves automatically after you close your browser, so when you open your browser again and visit the Site, the Site won’t be able to recognize you and you would have to log back in and select your preferred settings again. Other cookies (persistent cookies) are stored on your device until expiration or you delete them from browser’s cache. Expiration date of the cookie is set within the cookie, and some cookies may expire after a few minutes, some others may expire after years. Persistent cookies help Site to remember things about User. The Site uses both Session and Persistent cookies.

2. How Site use cookies

Cookies allow to recognize users, shape content of the Site to fit the needs of Site’s visitors and assist in improving overall user experience.

Site also uses cookies to gather information about User’s visits and about the device Users use to gain access to the Site. This includes where available, IP-address and pseydonymous identifiers, type of operating system and browser. Depending on the cookie type, it might also include reports of statistics information regarding browsing actions and patterns of the Users.

3. Why Site use cookies

Main reasons of deploying cookies by the Site are:

  1. Providing service that is more suited to User’s particular device
  2. Detecting and preventing frauds
  3. Providing secure connection

When User visits the Site, it collects data regarding User’s device (type of device, operating system, screen resolution, browser) and IP address that the device connects from. Some services and activities can’t be initiated without cookies installed.

Additional use of cookies:

  1. Marketing strategy management
  2. Tracking the Site’s performance
  3. Making the Site more relevant to the User

4. Cookie Categories

The Site uses two types of cookies based on the length of time a cookie stays on your device:

Session cookies

These cookies are temporary. They only exist, during the period of time when you use the Site. Session cookies help to remember your page-activities, so you don’t have to start navigating the Site all over again.

Persistent cookies

These cookies stay on your device after you close your browser and remain in browser’s directory until expiration or you delete them manually. Persistent cookies help in identifying you as a unique visitor, save your preferred settings like language, type of content shown on the main page.

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential for the Site to provide a service that you requested and to provide a secure connection. Essential cookies are used to enable the User to login to the Site; maintain secure online connection and protect against harmful activities and/or violation of our User Agreement.

These cookies collect aggregated data and are not used to identify the User. This type of cookie serves to understand, analyze visitor’s behavior on the Site, and find the ways to improve user experience. These cookies are used to track Site’s overall performance. These also called “analytics cookies” are used to test advertisements strategies and evaluate User’s reaction. Regarding “analytics cookie”, Site uses third-party cookies that include Analytics service from Google.

Functionality cookies

These cookies help to remember User’s preferences and adjust the Site to taste of particular Users. provide enhanced features. Without these cookies enable the Site can’t remember your choices or personalize your online experience. “Functionality cookies” used on:

  1. Recognizing visitor as a Member and logging him into the Site faster;
  2. Saving relevant data (language, volume level, video quality) when User browses the Site.

Targeting cookies

Generally, “targeting cookies” are third-party cookies from marketing partners. Their basic objective is delivering relevant advertisements relevant to you and your interests. If you would like to disable this type of cookie, you may do so in browser’s security settings on your device.

5. How do third-parties use cookies on the Site?

Some content on the Site like advertisements are brought by third parties. This include Google Analytics and advertising companies. These third parties may use cookies to gather information about you (ip address, browser type, time zone settings, operating system) and the Site have no control over it. They may use this information in order to provide you with interest-based advertisements and other targeted content. Please check the privacy policies of those third-party websites for additional information. Site have no responsibility over any content located in these third-party websites.

6. Managing cookies

You can easily set up your browser to decline all or some of the cookies, or to get a notification when cookie is sent with option given whether accept it or not.

With the very first visit to the Site you’ll have a pop-up menu informing that cookies are being used if you proceed with using the Website. You can withdraw your cookie consent at any time by changing settings of your browser or device.


If you delete all or some of cookies, you may be unable to gain access to some parts of the Site because some functionality on Site may be affected and as a result of disabling cookies.

You may also disable third-party cookies by following the instructions in privacy policy of each third-party website.

To get more information about “cookies” technology and how it works in details, you can visit

Here you can find out how to manage cookies on the most popular internet browsers:

Google Chrome:

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7. Does the Site use any other personal data?

Other relevant information about Our use of User data can be found in Site’s Privacy Policy

8. How can I change my cookie settings?

Quite simply click the link at the bottom of the page called "Update cookies preferences"

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